Artificial Turf Grass Tools

artificial turf line cutter

Artificial Grass Line Cutter

LineCutter – Tool for cutting of variable width of straight lines and circular lines in artificial turf. Package:carton box size:550mmx420mmx260mm Weight:10kgs

grass cutter for artificial turf

Artificial Turf Grasscutter

Proper cutting alongside of existing track seams of artificial turf. Proper cutting alongside of existing track seams of artificial grass. Size; 450mmx340mmx100mm Weight: 2.1kgs

artificial turf brusher

Artificial turf combing brush

Turf triangular brush, have different sizes, for artificial turf combing work. It can be trailed by ATV, Electric bike or other powered vehicles to brush the artificial grass.

running track paving ironing board

Running track paving Ironing board

The manaul paving ironing board is used for pressing the rubber surface and it’s fitted heater, Temerature controller, electrical relay. During the usage, it can reach the needed temperature by Regulating the temperature controller. Operation easily, Temperature controled sensitively, safe, Not easy to stick the pu binder, epdm or sbr granule. Can improve the bonding […]

artificial turf grass brush

Triangle brush for Artificial turf

This Triangle Brush is used for Artificial turf ground. The triangular design allows the brushes to be rotated as they wear for a longer life and they will straighten and groom each turf blade. The long, soft brushes quickly brush every surface to an even and level playing surface. It can be trailed by ATV, […]