• Wear protective clothing – The most important thing is to protect your eyes because even a small piece of snapped line, or debris such as a pebble travelling at 200 to 300 mph has the potential to cause a severe eye injury. I usually just wear goggles but have been hit on one occasion by a piece of grit which cut my face. So ideally use a visor which provides total face protection.
    Don’t wear shorts or sandals for obvious reasons. Heavy trousers will give some protection if you get hit by debris (even though you will still feel it!). Wear safety shoes which have steel caps and soles, as these will protect your feet if you walk on glass, metal, nails or other nasty stuff while working in an overgrown area. When cutting, angle the trimmer so that cut material is thrown away from you.
  • Check the Ground Before Trimming – Bits of glass, metal, pebbles etc can be caught by the line and become missiles
  • Take Care of Cables – Take care not to hit the cable while using an electric trimmer. Electric trimmers are less powerful than gas versions and the line probably wouldn’t cut the cord, however it could damage the insulation.
  • Watch Out for Bystanders – People standing near you are more likely to be hit by debris than yourself. This is because debris may be travelling on an upwards trajectory and eventually reach eye level by the time it reaches the other person. This is especially the case if you are trimming or using a lawn mower on elevated ground. So pause your work until they have moved away. Debris thrown by a trimmer can also ricochet off hard surfaces. Young children should never be in the vicinity when you are using powered garden equipment.
  • Avoid Windows and Cars Pebbles thrown by a trimmer can chip paintwork and glass, and may even crack or break windows in your house or car. Check where debris is flying and direct it safely away from anything which could be damaged.