Nylon Head disAssembly

Note: For normal use, Speed Feed head disassembly is not necessary. However, if circumstances require disassembly, follow these instructions.

1. Press top of locking tabs (A) on both sides of Speed Feed head to release cover (B) from eyelet carrier(C). 2. Remove cover from eyelet carrier.

nylon head assembly

Nylon Line Replacement

Wear Gloves or personal injury may result:

• Cutoff knife is sharp.

• Gearcase and surrounding area may be hot.

1. Cut one piece of line to recommended length. .080 (2.0 mm) dia. – 20’ (6 m) .095 (2.4 mm) dia. – 20’ (6 m)

If you need line cutting tool, please click here.

2. Align arrows on top of knob with openings in eyelets.

nylon line replacement

3. Insert one end of trimmer line into an eyelet, and push line equal distance through trimmer head.

nylon line change

4. Hold trimmer head while turning knob clockwise to wind line onto spool until about 5” (13 cm) of each line remains exposed.

Trimmer head is now fully loaded and ready for operation.

Sharpening Metal Blades

Before sharpening, CLOSELY inspect blade for cracks (look at the bottom of each tooth and the center mounting hole closely), missing teeth and bending. If ANY of these problems are discovered, replace the blade.

metal blade replacement

When sharpening a blade, always remove the same amount of materials from each tooth to maintain balance. A blade that is not balanced will cause unsafe handling due to vibration and can result in blade failure.

1. File each tooth at a 30 degree angle a specific number of times, eg. 4 strokes per tooth. Work your way around the blade until all teeth are sharp.

2. DO NOT file the ‘gullet’ (radius) of the tooth with the flat file. The radius must remain. A sharp corner will lead to a crack and blade failure.

Note Please:

If an electric grinder is used, use care not to overheat teeth, do not allow tips/tooth to glow red or turn blue. DO NOT place blade in cooling water. This will change the temper of the blade and could result in blade failure.

3. After sharpening teeth, check each tooth radius for evidence of a square (sharp) corner. Use the round (rat tail) file to renew the radius.

brush cutter blade