Grass trimmer head

chain strimmer head

Chain trimmer head for Brush Cutter

1.   Two special steel chains designed especially for the this head. 2.   Heavy duty trimmer head fits professional operator. 3.   Special aluminum disk with shock proof shape. 4.   Sealing devices for anchoring screws. 5.   Fit the brush cutter over 33cc.

Grass Trimmer Head

TAP-N-GO Trimmer heads

Double line, for cutting and thinning. The nylon line is fed by tapping the cutting head on the ground. Comes standard on many trimmers. Adaptor bolts available to fit most of brush cutter, and detail is following:

line trimmer head blade

Strimmer Universal Nylon Trimmer Head

Power Type: Petrol / Electric Feature: 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder Material:: Nylon Type:: Garden Tool Parts Place of Origin:: China (Mainland) Fit Trimmers:: curve brush cutter Universal 2 line replacement brush cutter / grass trimmer / strimmer head (manual lift and twist feed). The manual alternative to a bump feed head.

Weed Eater Head

Weed Eater Universal Trimmer Head

This replacement trimmer head allows for less stops to change line and works with most gas curved shaft and straight shaft trimmers. The line pivots to prevent line breakage when trimming against hard surfaces such as chain-link fence, trees and concrete, saving you the downtime of reloading line. The Head can also be turned on its […]

metal trimmer head cut

Aluminum metal trimmer head for grass trimmer

  Very heavy duty trimmer head – cast aluminum body – string is fixed, replaced manually Typically only used on heavier duty brush cutter systems of 30cc or better to handle the mass of this head Fits many makes and models where steel weed and brush blades may be used, but specifically engineered for Echo […]

manual feed trimmer head

manual feed grass trimmer nylon cutter head 

Ideal for consumer and commercial use Recommended for curved and straight shaft trimmers over 25cc; heavy-duty manual feed head with quick line indexing Spool holds 15-foot to 20-foot of .095-inches diameter line; eliminates line crossing on spool; housing design prevents knob wear; replaceable eyelets Uses .080-inches, .095-inches or .105-inches diameter line Arbor sizes included; 7milimeter […]