Artificial Turf Grasscutter

//Artificial Turf Grasscutter

Artificial Turf Grasscutter

Proper cutting alongside of existing track seams of artificial turf.

Proper cutting alongside of existing track seams of artificial grass.

Size; 450mmx340mmx100mm

Weight: 2.1kgs

Features & Spec

  1. Circle cutter: Cutting the turf into circle shape
  2. Line cutter: Cutting the lines and curves of different widths
  3. Edge trimmer: Cutting the Turf edge
  4. Glue fix: Spread tape on the turf
  5. Turf grip: Layout the turf quickly and easily
  6. Floor text: Artificial turf measuring tool. from 0~50mm
  7. Grass cutter: Cutting the connection edge
  8. Seam fix: Press the seams to Bonded well
  9. Turf fix: Fixing artificial turf connection

artificial turf tools

Model                           Professional Installation Artificial Turf Tools                       
Raw Materials steel
Infill width 700mm
Loading capability 150kgs
Machine weight 75kgs
Moving speed Average speed by manpower
Apperance(L*W*H) 1140*1300*920mm
Colors Green, red  artificial turf tools   
Application Garden, sports field
Warranty 5-6years


30% TT as advance, 70% before shipment.

Shipping: During 15days.

MOQ: 1 set

Color: Optional

Inner packing: Blister Paper

Outter Packing: Paper box



Paper carton


Blistering Paper

Line cutter for artificial turf Artificial grass cutter