Speed Feed & Easy Load Nylon head/Line Trimmer Bump Head (Universal Fitting)

//Speed Feed & Easy Load Nylon head/Line Trimmer Bump Head (Universal Fitting)

Speed Feed & Easy Load Nylon head/Line Trimmer Bump Head (Universal Fitting)

This is a genuine OEM replacement part. it is sold by factory directly.
The Bump Head Knob Assembly is the part of the trimmer that you bump on the ground to advance the cutting line from the spool.
Because of the abuse this part gets, it is advisable to order an extra one so you have on on hand.

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    Features & Spec

    1. Suitable for Most Leading Trimmers and Brush Cutter
    2. Outstanding Impact Toughness
    3. Ultra Weld-resistant Performance
    4. Directional Aerodynamics always Presents the Cutting Blade Forward
    5. Premium Copolymer Formulation for Commercial Toughness
    6. Long Lasting and Low Noise
    7. Added Rigidity for Improved Cutting


    Products Information
    Material: PA6 nylon
    Type: Garden Tool
    Parts, Tap-n-go brush
    Size of bolt: M8 X 1.25; M10 X
    1.25; M12 X 1.25 or others like your requests
    Line: 2.4mm X 2.5m
    round line or other selections or shipped without lines
    Net weight: 286 g brush
    cutter nylon head
    Exploding view: 1). upper cover
    2). spool
    3). line retainer
    4). plate
    5). spring
    6). adaptor

    • M8 X 1.25 left female;
    • M8 X 1.25 left male;
    • M10 X 1.25 left female;
    • M10 X 1.25 left male;
    • M10 X 1.50 left male;
    • M12 X 1.25 left female;
    • M12 X 1.25 left male;
    • M12 X 1.50 left female;
    • M12 X 1.75 left female

    7). under cover

    Fit for: Most
    leading trimmers and brush cutters
    Cutting type: Plastic blade
    Power source: Petro/gas/electric


    Payment and Shipping
    Sample supply: Available
    Sample charge: For Free
    Sample lead time: 5 days
    Mass production lead time: 30-45 days
    Payment: T/T,L/C,D/P,O/A
    Loading port: Ningbo or Shanghai,China
    Packing Terms
    Plastic bag 1pc/bag,
    60pcs in one carton, carton size is 53x37x28CM
    Card head
    Color/white box
    Others According to Customers’ Requirements


    1.Keep wearing eye and face protection while you are
    doing cutting works!
    2.Do not wear loose clothes, jewelry and gloves!
    3.Never fit or change the trimmer head while the tools
    is working or the plug is still conecting!
    4.Please ensure you use the right size of trimmer head
    with suitable power tools!
    5.The trimmer head is designed for cutting grass, brush
    or other Similar things. Do not use it for cutting concrete, stone,
    metal or other similar material!

    Outer pack: Paper Carton


    Nylon line Inner pack: