Steerable differentials for two or four wheel drive vehicles

//Steerable differentials for two or four wheel drive vehicles

Steerable differentials for two or four wheel drive vehicles


★Die cast aluminium housing – Offers outstanding heat dissipation and durability

★Oil or Specially formulated transaxle grease – Provides superior lubrication and performance

★Oil-impregnated bushings – With needle bearings on input shaft

★Axle Ball Bearings – Offers high loads (optional)

★1” diameter axles – With keyslot or across hole (consult for others)

★Automotive type bevel gears – Heat-treated Sintered metal gears

★Neutral start capability – Allows the intallation of a switch to sense if unit is in gear or in neutral

★Heat-treated gears – process ensures maximum durability

★Vehicle brake – Can be used as a parking brake

(Note: Brake effective only when power is declutched from transaxle)

(CAUTION: Brake will require periodic maintenance and adjustment to assure safe operation of equipment)

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    Features & Spec

    Our T7100 line of standard differentials are drop-in replacements for the Peerless 100 Series and they meet or exceed the Peerless technical specifications.

    Greens steerable differentials provide an economical drive solution for two or four wheel drive vehicles. Our T7000 series transmissions can be equipped with dual sprockets for attaching two steerable differentials to a single transmission. Additional product specifications available upon request.


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    Qty/20FCL: 600 pcs


    Dimension: 1100x1200x1100 mm(L/W/H)