How to Assemble a trimmer line?

Remove the Straw head, which has a place for winding the nylon line, fold the trimmer line in half, in the place of winding the line, thread the line through the slot on both sides. [...]

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Standard Differentials

Greens Standard Differential Our T7100 line of standard differentials are drop-in replacements for the Peerless 100 Series and they meet or exceed the Peerless technical specifications.  We can help you choose the delivery method that [...]

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Newest Komatsu type Strimmer head Suitable for 2.4-3.0mm nylon lines

China supplier for Newest Komatsu type Strimmer head.Suitable for 2.4-3.0mm nylon lines.Forgetting the trouble of loosing the Buckle&spring when changing lines.

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China manual Transmission Axle Gearbox for garbage vehicle powered spreader

Available Ratios Forward: 63.1:1   47.7:1 30.7:1     20.5:1 Reverse: 16.1:1     40.9:1 Specifications Housing Die-cast Aluminium Output Torque 150 ft.lbs (203.4 N.M) Axle Diameter 3/4” (19.05 mm) Axle Bearings Optional BallBearings Axle Ends Consult Factory [...]

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2000 Series Transmissions

2000 series Transmissions are widely used on Low-speed powered machinery, like lawn mowers, Garbage, Sweeper vehicle, light punching, grooving machines, and dumpers,etc. 2000 transmissions have 3,4,5 different shaft level. can replace peerless brand models. For [...]

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Triangle combing brush for ARTIFICIAL GRASS MAINTENANCE

More rigorous brushing should be carried out using a towable triangular brush (pulled behind a mini tractor or similar). This action helps keep the infill mobile and evenly distributed, if neglected the surface will become [...]

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