2000 Series Transmissions

2000 series Transmissions are widely used on Low-speed powered machinery, like lawn mowers, Garbage, Sweeper vehicle, light punching, grooving machines, and dumpers,etc. 2000 transmissions have 3,4,5 different shaft level. can replace peerless brand models. For [...]

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Triangle combing brush for ARTIFICIAL GRASS MAINTENANCE

More rigorous brushing should be carried out using a towable triangular brush (pulled behind a mini tractor or similar). This action helps keep the infill mobile and evenly distributed, if neglected the surface will become [...]

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Small tool to cut your nylon lines freely

Today, I'd like to introduce you a small tool, it's very easy but very useful. Maybe you often face a problem that your nylon lines' length is not suitable, and it's trouble to cut it [...]

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Grass Edge Aluminium Cutting Head

Typically only used on heavier duty brush cutter systems of 30cc or better to handle the mass of this head Very heavy duty trimmer head – cast aluminum body – string is fixed, replaced manually. [...]

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What is a Triangular Brush for Artificial turf grass?

Triangular Brush is a tool used for artificial grass and turf. The triangular design allows the brushes to be rotated as they wear for a longer life and they will straighten and groom each turf [...]

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What you will get from Green-Spares?

Green-Spares started supplying Garden Tools and Spares from 2005, and now is one of the Top manufacturers in China for Grass Care & Trimmer Products. Our replacement accessories fit over 90% Grass trimmer brands, like [...]

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