Easy loading Tap&Go trimmer head

Grass Trimmer Head

TAP-N-GO Trimmer heads

Double line, for cutting and thinning. The nylon line is fed by tapping the cutting head on the ground. Comes standard on many trimmers. Adaptor bolts available to fit most of brush cutter, and detail is following:

trimmer head

Swift Load Replacement Trimmer Head

Fits 99% of all gas trimmers only-safely and securely No hassle/quick & easy reloading. No parts to lose, Uses 4 Aero-Flex Line Blades for durable, powerful, precise, trimming Efficient cutting-lower to upper RPM range, Aerodynamic: saves fuel and money Edges 50X farther-‘non-stop’ use, Tough on heavy vegetation and concrete, Survives chain link fences Visual line […]